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Yes this post is about the special person.  I wanted to blog for a long time but I was waiting for something really worthy to type on. So what makes my father a special person in my life.. Its hard for anyone to narrate how great someone was, even if you explain it in words […]

November 26, 2008 – One of the worst attacks carried out in Mumbai by heartless terrorists which left 200+ people dead and 1000+ injured.   First of all, my condolences to all “innocent” those victims.. I am writing this post in utmost anger and sadness!!! I could not be able to control my emotions.So, I […]

       I am at the end of my undergraduate studies!!! Today, its a farewell day for my batch (2004-08).. Really, i have never enjoyed a day like this in the past four years..Usually, its very dry out here at my college..A lot of restrictions and controls..etc…etc..I felt very happy about leaving this college but at […]