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I came across this real touching documentary.. It was a short documentary named “Chicken a la carte” (looking weird ??? you will understand the meaning at the end 😦 ) by Ferdinand Dimadura. It was selected as the best short film for the year 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival.. Out of 3600 Filmmaker’s nominations […]

            [Disclaimer:  If you are a religious fanatic, skip this post!]   Few months before, I had an opportunity to have lunch with one of my brother’s senior colleague.  He (my brother’s colleague) was quite old when it comes to age but not in appearance. He was lot much interested about India […]

I wish you Happiness and Joy… And Blessings for the New Year. I wish you the best of everything… That you so well deserve. HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!

Web 2.0 is the next age of websites.. Just like robots were to normal machines and super computers were for computers. Web 1.0 can be known as Web-as-information source. These websites cannot be altered and content in it could be modified and updated by the website owner only.  Web 2.0 is Web-as-interaction source. These websites […]

1. Use a glass when brushing your teeth. Every year, billions of liters of fresh water is wasted by simply not using a glass when brushing your teeth. 2. Don’t use straws. They say the straw is the most stupid invention. They are unnecessary and only add to our waste problem. 3. Say NO to […]

This is a true story of a young college girl who passed away last month. Her name was Priya. She was hit by a lorry. She has a boy friend named Shankar.Both of them are true lovers. They always hang on the phone. You can never see her without her handphone. In fact she also […]

recently i heard about narco analysis & polygraph testing…which have been used for testing Moninder singh pandher and surender koli  in the latest nithari tragedy… WHAT ARE THEY???          polygraph testing which is colloquially known as lie detector test is used to record physiological variations in the blood pressure,heart beat & repiration..actually when we test the accused,it is easy […]