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Yes this post is about the special person.  I wanted to blog for a long time but I was waiting for something really worthy to type on. So what makes my father a special person in my life.. Its hard for anyone to narrate how great someone was, even if you explain it in words […]

            [Disclaimer:  If you are a religious fanatic, skip this post!]   Few months before, I had an opportunity to have lunch with one of my brother’s senior colleague.  He (my brother’s colleague) was quite old when it comes to age but not in appearance. He was lot much interested about India […]

I felt nostalgic yesterday..Its my first feeling of homesickness after a wide long 6 months of isolation. I didn even worry a lot about that..but when I look in to my unclear future I cant guess when I am going to return back to India. As far as I know, till June 2010 I have […]

Where i am??


           I am at the edge of my undergraduate course now..Willing to pursue my post gradution, i have blocked all my dual chances for placement. A sort of risk which i like to take the most. Spending a lot of money and time for the future, never thinking about the present circumstances, like that and so on the list […]



After a long gap i am blogging…None comes to my mind now, so as per the topic i have to blabber something about this…Basically, I am not much interested in games ( but i like to watch it often).. Unfortunately i play chess very well.I am a junior district champion too..(that’s one of the things […]