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Itz hard time that people recognize me in different ways.. I don’t remember correctly,  but it might be the first week of september. It was during an international christian federation (ICF) meeting, its like a small gathering where you can meet new people..esp. a lot of americans. I met an american, he is also a […]

I have reached Dallas a fortnight before…Now, i have settled down well in this place.. This is the first time i came in Business a student its great to travel with a hi-fi status 🙂 (PS: thanks to my brother again)..hmmm..then to say anything about Dallas..its hot & hot & hot during can’t […]

Today, a remarkable day in my history…i attended the visa interview in American consulate at chennai..My appointment time is 9.15 A.M… To say it was really fortunate for me i finished the interview and all those stuff within two hours..i came out at 10.30 A.M itself The interview lasted only for 45 seconds.. Excerpts: [At […]