What’s good and What’s not!


            [Disclaimer:  If you are a religious fanatic, skip this post!]

  Few months before, I had an opportunity to have lunch with one of my brother’s senior colleague.  He (my brother’s colleague) was quite old when it comes to age but not in appearance. He was lot much interested about India and Indian cuisines. He was a strong believer of Christianity and its principles. During a conversation, he asked me about my  religious beliefs. I said I have beliefs but not religious. He asked me “what do you think about life after death. where will we be ?”. I replied “It will be just like what was before our birth. no existence” 🙂 ..He said that he was a communicator for God and there is a superpower still existing in this universe. I blamed that its his multiple split personality. He said that “Jesus” is the only God and the bible bears the testimony. I asked him “What religion you would be, if you were born 2010 years ago?”. He said that “Christianity is the ever growing religion and you cannot compare it with other religions”. I replied that “Once up on a time Greeks, Norwegians, Egyptians believed in some God, but now its just a mythology”.  And this conversation went on such a way that I have to give up my stand at one instance just for courtesy & I do know that arguments never end up in results but in rivalry. Moreover I thought I was bit rude &  more dominant and I hate to mock others beliefs. Later he presented me a famous book on life after death – “One Heart beat away” by “Mark Cahill”.  (I read some pages of it, but felt it was completely illogical,  I stopped it then!)  

At the end of the party I invited him to come to India atleast once. His reply stunned me. He said that, there was no safety for Christians and foreigners in India & he might be deciding on that in future on behalf of my wish. He quoted (previous) communal riots against Christians in India, especially in orissa (but not terrorism).  I dont know what to reply.. Whatever he said is true in someway!   If the situation in India was like this, how can anyone convince a foreigner to come to our nation?.

I fear that we are changing our track from secular to hindutva .

Leave the foreigners, consider we Indians..

Some months before, in a pub in mangalore some girls were chosen and beaten by some hindu community members(&  it is video taped to completely ruin the lives of those girls 😦  ).

 What that means? Even a normal Indian has lost his right to live?

People who speak hindutva are starving to dominate others fellow Indians. Hindutva in India is just like taliban in Afghanistan. People have to crop this up in this budding stage. 

The major cause for all this social evils is “religion”..

religion was introduced to transfer barbaric humans in to well cultivated individuals and nowadays it happens vice-versa.

Religion is the reason for bribery..We use to offer bribe like food, gold or money to God for our selfish wishes..       

Religion is the reason for casteism and untouchability. Hinduism categorizes the people into four “Varnas” according to the body part of the divinity from which each group was created and these categories define the group’s social standing. Unfortunately a part of them (esp. Shudras) were made untouchable by the other and it still exists today in some parts of India.

Religion is the reason for riots.. Religion is the reason for the difference between humans.. & Religion is the most deadly weapon that politicians can easily use..

So if you ask this question “Do we need that religion?” to me.  The answer will be “NO”..

& if you ask this question “Do we need God?”.  The answer will be “Yes”… 

Hope I am neither an atheist nor a theist..Its the stance of “Osho” and for me too..

“Belief” – a strong positive word which plays the integral part of everyone’s life.  If there is no belief, no one can live happily.   When I believe that someone is taking care of my life I feel no burden on me, I can sleep happily. Even If I have a lot of enemies I have no need to worry about them, Since always I am having a thought that there is some one to protect me. 

So even I may agree the presence of  God (it will be great if there is someone), but I will not agree the concept of  religions. 


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  1. Here is some other kind of life after death.

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