A personal note!


I felt nostalgic yesterday..Its my first feeling of homesickness after a wide long 6 months of isolation.

I didn even worry a lot about that..but when I look in to my unclear future I cant guess when I am going to return back to India. As far as I know, till June 2010 I have to be here to complete my summer intern and the remaining papers. 😦

I came here to change my life stream..to enjoy all the fantasies which I dreamt of..but, now i think a normal job with a lovely family is priceless when compared with any other thing..I am forgetting the meaning of love in this electronic world..! 😦

I miss everyone & everything..Mom & Dad..granny..my family..friends..home food & everything which I loved..

I thought to recall & rejoice my past..I wished to write a personal note on it & here it is!..

So whats about me????how I came in to this world???what did I do until now???

[Allow the thoughts to think of black and white circles..revolving..revolving..revolving..]

> Short back in a friday – May 15, 1987 ( πŸ™‚ not so short) , I was born in Jeyam hospital in purasawalk, Chennai..I was born short after the 7 th wedding anniversary of my parents & I am a product of 7 years of love :)…At that time, I weighed 4.5 Kgs (greater the expected 3.5-4 Kgs) I am li’l bit fatty..but i was not so then 😦 ..

I use to Laugh @ this funny thing: The doctor who attended my mom’s first pregnancy was the second wife of the chief doctor and the one who attended my mom’s second pregnancy was the first wife of the same one πŸ˜›

> I was named after my maternal grand father. It a custom in my family to name the first child with paternal ancestor”s name and second child with maternal’s (thats why we have repeated & old names in our community). Always, I am a slow learner, I have heard that I didn’t start to speak until two and half years of age..

I use to Laugh @ this funny thing: My paternal granny use to call me a “dumb boy”

>I had my critical injury at the age of 3. I got a scar on my right eye brow which you can see even now in my face..Actually, I was about to chase up my dad and catch him (while we were playing some game), but i ended up in hitting a sharp steel table which made me in bed for a month..

I use to laugh @ this funny thing: One of my college friend consoled me in this way that “I got something to fill in the identification form”, when i seriously narrated him that tragedy ..

>My first school was Muthiah Alagappa,Kottaiyur.I studied up to 1st grade. and then went to tanjore. During my kindergarden my brother (he was in 6th grade by then) use to do everything for me…Β  combing my hair, making up my bag, tying up the lace and finally taking me to school & bringing me back home.. (homeworks???..I felt my mom was jobless..so πŸ™‚ )..

I use to laugh @ this funny thing: I hate to sleep in the afternoon at kindergarden .. I use to make false cries and convince my mom to take me back home when she comes to feed me in the lunch interval..(she was so kind ever..I have always wondered how all those woman in this world got a great character of kindness & affection..)

>In my 1 grade, things changed..I use to have a prolonged fight with my brother over things everytime..where I will get an edge always over him with my parents (since I was just a tiny tot then)..So my parents feared that it might implicate undesired things in him..So my brother was sent to a hostel (run by our own paternal aunt & uncle) in trichy. My parents took me with them to Tanjore were I spent my life from 2-4th grade..

>This life started to be different for me..even i was like a single child at home.. it was really boring without my brother..we started to understand how important we are to each other..during my fourth grade I got another injury….this time its a dog bite…By that time, I use to love only two things – dogs & cars..Always I urged my dad to get a cute little pomarainean..but he never turned up quoting that its difficult to maintain..Eventually I started making love with street dogs πŸ˜› ..and I got a reward on my left palm when I was feeding a dog in a hot sunny afternoon..At that time my dad was out of station, so my mum took me to my aunts home in trichy, where her daughter (my cousin) is a doctor in a local hospital..

I use to laugh @ this funny thing: Still I use to feel the pain around the navel when I think about that.. I had 12 injections at that time 😦

>I was in my aunts home for a week.During that time my brother presented me a tiny little clay car which he did for me, wishing me to recover soon..Everyday he uses to get a toy car for me from his savings..

I use to laugh @ this funny thing: My cousins mock me always to marry one of them as a reciprocation to their help in my recovery. (the deal is good πŸ˜‰Β  but they are 10+ years elder than me 😦 )

>I entered in to my 5th grade & my brother was at his 11th..We brothers understood which was matured and which wasn’t ..so my dad brought back my brother to home & we shifted back to Karaikudi then…

These are some memories of my child life..but there are lot more to say…

But when I look in to my past, I feel that my child life is not more interesting than my adult life..Since, adult life was filled with lot many funny things & it also made me very calm and composed..

Let me fill all those things up in the next post..I feel very sleepy now.. this idiotic time runs like a rabbit..its already 3:32 AM 😦 ..good night!


5 Responses to “A personal note!”

  1. he he . ur childhood memories were nice da .. but i’m eagerly waiting for your *adult* stories πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  2. enaku theriyum da nee etha ethir pakranu..pakki.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ..

  3. Good post. waiting for your second personal note!!

  4. thanks sri πŸ™‚

  5. 5 hari madhavan

    hey malai ! romba naal kalichu un blog ah paakren … good post …

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