Shocked and Shattered!!! :(



November 26, 2008 – One of the worst attacks carried out in Mumbai by heartless terrorists which left 200+ people dead and 1000+ injured.


First of all, my condolences to all “innocent” those victims..

I am writing this post in utmost anger and sadness!!! I could not be able to control my emotions.So, I am gonna put everything down here..right before you.. 


As far as i concern, terrorists are not only responsible for these attacks.

Their works are made at ease by inept, corrupt, ineffective, selfish, brutual, mindless politicians at the centre and state. And we can add the bureaucrats later. But they are just puppets. 

And now, because of these inefficient people we have lost hundreds of lives, thousands of dreams, millions of memories and billions of smiles 😦 .. The only sin these victims have committed might be electing these insincere politicians to power & paying the taxes on date.

Sacking of ministers is not going to help the problem..not going to bring the dead back..not going to wipe out the tears of families who have lost their kins..not going to cure the wounds of injured..

We have to find out the reason for lapses. The government was informed many times by RAW, other intelligence sources, government advisories and even by the uneducated fishermen about the probability of attacks on Mumbai. Why did these politicians ignore that? 

I thought that Indian Navy is the sixth powerful naval wing in the world. But they have disproved it within a day 😦

First of all, these politicians have to stop corrupting in arms deals..

Our radars should be powerful to find out alien interference..Our ships should be powerful enough to sink enemy fleet..

The police forces have to deployed with powerful arms and bullet proofs. How can they encounter professional terrorists equipped with Ak-47’s and hand grenades with ordinary pistols or rifles?


Now, we have lost a police encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar. His reports show that he has encountered 75-80 criminals on his duty. 

We have to remodel the entire system.

Congress sucks from the beginning. BJP is also not good enough to compare..We have no options then. So God only knows India’s destiny.. 😦


Now, we have found the real heroes, real martyrs – hats off to those policemen, NSG security guards and all the unknown people who saved the lifes of lot by even sacrificing their’s…

Where is Raj thackerey, a proud Mumbaikar? Is he the first one to go to the spot to repel terrorist attacks or has he hided behind his dog’s home?  Might be..there is no difference between him and his dog..atleast his dog might be sincere.. He and his fanatic followers must know that the complete India has helped ‘Mumbai’ to survive back.. 

Vilasroa Deshmukh, the one who is atmost responsible for all the causes. He has neglected all the warnings. He should had been removed before, as he did a small concern for the farmers when his state hit the largest farmer suicides on the charts. But we have to appreciate him, as he has made his son ritesh deshmukh a good actor.. yeah..thats what every politician has to do in a democratic nation. 😦

Shivraj Patil, another old injured horse in the congress. He should had been removed before. In the past one year, there had been nearly 20-25 bombings in 4-5 different cities in India. What he has done to India as a home minister then? He might have saved money for his grand grand son..yeah..thats what every politician has to do in a democratic nation. 😦

Manmohan Singh, the honorable prime minister should hear his conscience and not of Sonia Gandhi. People are having a lot of respect to him, but he disappoints everyone again and again. Yeah thats what every prime minister has to do in his regime..

These people think that after every bombing there is a political gain. Atleast they can divide the votes of hindus and muslims.. But now we have to show them that we are not hindu’s nor muslims nor jews nor christians nor any other one..but we are Indians..we cant tolerate the death of another human due to terrorism here.  

Think the reason for british imperialism?  the diversity between indian rulers helped the british to bring entire India under their control. Is that gonna happen again?Is terrorism gonna rules us then?

Now the entire world is looking at us. Atleast now, we have to show/prove that the terrorists based on pakistan soil were responsible for these deadly attacks. We have to infiltrate/wipe out terrorists in Pok.

At the end, “WE” have to stand united and evacuate all those social evils who are hindering our progress..

Jai Hind!!!


4 Responses to “Shocked and Shattered!!! :(”

  1. Adding to your list can be the indian press,
    who were trying to commercialize even this , and the most horrible part was ,
    the importance given by the media to focus mostly on the people in TAJ and Oberoi what happened to the aam aadmi who got killed , innocent muslims and hindus injured in hospitals?

  2. Yeah Krithika..”Some” of the Indian press look at every incident commercially always..
    But only through press and media i think most of us came to know about the incident and its exact tremor..

  3. Hi da,

    Sorry for a very very delayed comment. But I agree with every word of this post. We have corruption at every level. From the people holding the highest office to the lowest cadre. But above all, it is the carelessness that troubles me. Of what use is RAW, when you are ready to listen to their warnings ?

    And regarding the media, true that it was through them you learnt all the horror. But there is a limit da. They went far into the region of obscenity. to bad and your post was not really harsh as your opening words. But I know Malai can’t be more harsh 🙂

  4. Yeah RAW has failed in every aspect.. Atleast they have to watch American films based on FBI :(..Honestly i was really harsh on politicians..I didn use unpleasant words,thats it!!!

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