Genocide – deliberate & systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

Genocide is a crime under international law.

After world war 2, there had been a wide spread awareness and speculation about genocide. Most of the genocide atrocities have been brought to an end by either international community or the local government. But some genocides are going still.

This post discusses about one of the worst affected communities by genocide – “TAMILS”.

Tamil diaspora is far larger and wider, i have discussed about this in one of my previous posts. Thousands of tamil people migrated towards Burma, Malaysia, Srilanka, Singapora, Middle east and some other parts of the world during the colonial british empire. The amount of migration of tamils to Srilanka is much higher than that of other regions. Geographically, Tamil nadu and Srilanka are of close proximity.

Tamil genocide is said to have started in the year 1983.

I am quoting the series of events that happened in Srilanka from july 25, 1983.

Twenty five years ago on the 25th of July the world watched in horror, the vicious and the violent attacks against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. While the shocking images of burning bodies, gruesome prison massacres and masses of Tamil refugees were flashed across the screen of the world television, the detailed news articles about the murders, rapes and the plight of refugees were started to emerge in the media all over the globe.

The riots began in retaliation for an ambush of an army patrol in Jaffna that left thirteen Sinhalese soldiers dead. The army immediately retaliated by randomly killing a number of innocent civilians in the Jaffna peninsula. This followed by an extensively organised anti-Tamil riot which initially started in Colombo and soon spread to southern part of Sri Lanka where ever the Tamils lived. Sinhalese rioters in Colombo were provided with voters’ lists containing details of names and addresses to enable them to specifically target the Tamil Community. The police, security forces, Buddhist monks and the State Officials turned a blind eye but encouraged the mobs and in some cases they themselves actively took part in the carnage.

Mobs of angry Sinhalese roamed the streets targeting properties and businesses owned by the Tamils. They chased down and beat any vulnerable people they could find. This lasted for several days and claimed the lives of over 3,000 Tamils. Over 50 Tamils political prisoners were butchered by the fellow Sinhalese inmates and the prison guards.This riot created a mass movement of refugees within the island. Over 100, 000 Tamils fled the island and sought refuge in Europe North America, New Zealand, Australia and India.

The government headed by the President Jayewardene refused to condemn these brutal attacks and did not even release a statement until after four days of mayhem.But later in 2004, President Chandrika Kumaratunga made just a token apology to the nation. To this day no one has been prosecuted and no compensation was paid to the families who have lost their loved ones or to the refugees who were forced to abandon their properties and businesses.

This pogrom (form of right directed against particular group of people) was the final blow for the Tamils, who immediately began an armed struggle to exercise their right to self-determination. Thousands of youth joined the Tamil militant organisations, took up arms and fought against the Sinhalese regime. This in turn gave resurgence to the Tamil rebel organisations especially to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). This upsurge violence pushed the country into a full scale civil war.

This civil war has already cost hundreds and thousands of lives. The official figure is around 70,000 but recent estimates suggest over 300,000 mostly Tamil lives. Over million Tamils are internally displaced and further a million Tamils have left the island for the safe havens in the West. Riots left a deep psychological scar between the two major ethnic groups

Tamil Tigers were transformed from a hand full of part-timers into a powerful and influential guerrilla movement capable of running over army bases manned by over thousands of professional soldiers. Angry Tamil refugees who settled in the West provided the necessary financial backing to the Tamil Tigers. The relationship between the Tamils and Sinhalese community have since further deteriorated.

In 2002 the newly elected government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers signed a Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) in February 2002. Both parties held six highly publicised rounds of talks mediated by the Norwegians. The peace talks were abandoned mainly due the pressure from Sinhalese nationalist coalition parties. Although some progress were made, namely Tamil Tigers agreeing to a federal model as an alternative to an independent Tamil state called Eelam.

The current Sri Lankan regime under President Mahinda Rajapaksa is determined to crush the Tamil Tigers. They have pulled out of the CFA in January this year and started a full scale war in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The security forces have made some progress in the East and managed to bring the Eastern province under their control. Rebels withdrew from the East and fortified their northern stronghold. They are fiercely resisting Sri Lankan forces in the Northern Sri Lanka. In a recent battle rebels have proved their strength by inflicting heavy casualties to the security forces in the northern front of Mukamalai.

The human rights situation in Sri Lanka is atrocious. Abductions, disappearances and murders are very common. Sri Lanka has the second highest number of disappearances in the world, ranking only behind Iraq according to the UN.

There is no media freedom any more..The World Association of Newspapers has ranked Sri Lanka as the third most dangerous country in the world for media workers. (Iraq and Somalia are ranked 1 and 2 respectively.

The Srilanka government is bombing up Tamil civilian areas as a part of ethnic cleansing.  The Srilankan government can never refuse this claim. Since on 14-august-2006, 61 tamil innocent girls were killed by an air raid by Srilankan airforce (SLA). But i dont know i how they still claim that it is a rebel LTTE camp. There are lot many incidents heart pounding like this.

 Just consider that single incident. SLA has not only killed 61 girls, they have killed 61 hearts, hundreds of memories and thousands of  dreams. Those girls were between 16-18 years of age, how can they be a part of a threatening guerrilla group?  

It can be any war or a riot, the general principle is to leave women and children “unaffected”.  

However this pogrom and the ongoing civil war have made the world to acknowledge that the Tamils have legitimate grievances in Sri Lanka.

 The western powers made a separate state (Israel) for jews after second world war in 1948. Since the jewish community lost more than 60% of its population due to atrocities commited by Hitler’s Nazi Army.

The condition is the same here. I dont know why still the western powers refuse to mediate this problem. India is still remaining silent on this issue. The politicians in India are avenging the innocent tamils for their personal reasons ( delibrately, I mean Sonia Gandhi). I accept that Rajiv was killed by a terrorist group, it is condemnable. But how can all the ethnic tamil people bear the cause. The gulf between Sinhalese and Tamil communities is ever widening by the day. Unless the Tamil grievances are addressed by the majority government there will be no end to the violence in Sri Lanka. If no one is going to interfere in this matter and bring out peace, I fear that the tamil community will be slashed out in lanka after 20 years. 😦  Only our children will be learning about ethnic tamils in Srilanka through history books. 😦




  1. I dont have a good idea about the Srilankan issue, but i feel LTTE same as Kashmir Terrorists. They are asking part of India and even LTTE is doing same in Srilanka. I have seen LTTE training even kids with Arms… Srilankan Army killed Tamilians, but can you say that LTTE never killed or harmed a Srilankan.

    I once heared that some country tried to bring ceasefire between them.

    I feel that there should be no descrimination between Tamilians(who migrated decades back) and Srilankans. But asking for a part of Srilanka is never appreciated.

    • 2 Suresh

      Don’t compare LTTE with Kashmir terrorists. LTTE was created to save their own people unlike kashmir issues. Kashmir terrorists main torget is India, they want to destroy india not to save their people. Lankan army is killing not only LTTE, kills all innocent tamils. India is supporting lankan army only due to Rajiv’s assasination done by LTTE. But easily they forgot what India’s IPKF did atrocities on tamils. We cannot justify rajiv’s murder, but killing innocent tamils is not tolarable. Sonia and manmohan singh aiding lankan army to kill tamils, karunanithi also included in this. God only should help tamils.

  2. 3 Annamalai

    I fear that you have understood the topic wrongly.
    The major discussion was about genocide…i have stated the reason how & why ltte was formed..but i have never supported ltte or its fractions..
    i think it is not fair to compare ltte with kashmir militants.ltte was formed as a result of genocide acts where kashmiri militants are not…I think you might have heard about Pok(pakistan occupied kashmir).. has India committed any genocide acts to propel kashmiri millitants from Pok?
    Moreover i have not spoken for any separate homeland for tamils…i have asked to stop genocide..and i have added separate nation as one of the options in the poll where it is not the solution..

    PS: Please see those pictures in the Indians treat kashmiri’s like that? tell me..

  3. Get tamilians back to TN—employ them give them space here.Leave the people like to die nd kill.It s agreeable that eelatamils were dying.At the same time sirilankans were shot by LTTE.
    The country which gave buddism to Sirilanka never let Genocide n anyform …..So Bring them back /
    Truth: Kashmir is to India
    Eelam is to Sirilanka

  4. //get tamilians back to TN//
    why do they have to leave the nation in which they have born? .they have their property, dwellings & everything in Sri Lanka and not in a naive nation..
    Suppose think if your forefather was born in Pakistan and now India is cleansing pakistanese, will you go there now? (please take this as an example)..
    Consider African-Americans in America..have they fled to Africa after the end of slavery?
    No..not at all..
    And think this, already we have more than 1,00,000 refugees, have we found any solution for them?have we brought up new life for them? they are still “REFUGEES”.
    But they can be citizens only in their sovereign nation!!!
    Kashmiri problem was created by Pakistan in 1947 and not by the people of Kashmir. Refer to the recent poll turn outs in kashmir which shows their interest in Indian democracy. Still Pakistan’s war lords are brainwashing kashmiri’s to become militants using the killing word “RELIGION”.so it is not comparable with eelam… 😦

  5. Ya I agree with you….
    “Leave the people like to die nd kill”…and India should give shelter to other people

  6. 7 riyadh

    Yes, Sirilankan Government need to conversation. War is not the main solution. Same to Israel. What are they doing in Gaza. The general people of the whole world is same. Are they terrorist? Why they are dies without specific reason?
    So, It is hugely need to take action from UN.
    The UN Seems the doll. It has no administrative power to do for mankind.
    So, Stop genocide.

  7. please stop Genocide and save Tamil-An informative as well as thought provoking article.Good language.Good luck.

  8. 9 steve edward

    I’m shocked and in despair to see Tamil children, and women hung, tortured and killed for simply being Tamils.

    If you are a Tamil, you will have to do what Jews did to survive. Find allies in the world, wherever they maybe, in order to form alliances with you, against your racist persecutors.

    Easier said then done, I know. But against the hellish evil that you suffer, from those who would eliminate you, you will need to find those who would form alliances with you, to defend your right to exist.

    Appeal to high profile celebrities, political mavericks, and financial leaders, who have influence with large segments of the world populations. When these populations have been alerted by your plight, through their leadership, these people can bring to bear very tangible pressure to make your enemies cease and desist in their persecution of your Tamil People.

    And if possible, have the leadership of your persecutors cited for war crimes. (No person who kills a child or a defenseless woman is guiltless.) They need to be punished like any criminal).

    I pray that you find the powerful allies that you will need to reverse your terrible ordeal and force your persecutors to retreat, and decimate their armies so they will never rise again to threaten your people.

    May God relieve your suffering and make your people whole again.


    Steve Edward

  9. 10 vins

    in the recent history , i have never heard of any country that have done so many war crimes such as sri lanka. Finally they might have won the war but amount of crimes they have committed and amount of damage they have caused for the innocent people is unmeasurable and unpardonable .
    Rajapaksa may end as one of the greatest war hero’s of sinhalese land but his conscience would kill him one time. Though we (india) are nearer to lanka and have considerable interest in their politics ,our hands are tied mainly due to murder of Rajiv gandhi . if not he is not assasinated by LTTE , the situation today would have been lot different. where we are thinking of a global superpower but we are unable to bring peace in our very week neighbour . This really says that we should have a rethink of our foreign policies.

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