Mistaken Identity!


Itz hard time that people recognize me in different ways.. I don’t remember correctly,  but it might be the first week of september. It was during an international christian federation (ICF) meeting, its like a small gathering where you can meet new people..esp. a lot of americans. I met an american, he is also a student. We introduced ourselves and started to speak about trivial matters (as usual 🙂 ),.. its the best way to start any nice relationship. Suddenly he started to speak about his previous year visit to colombo. He narrated about the beauty of the city and some names of places in and around colombo(which still I couldn remember 😦  ). I was amazed to learn a lot about the city, which was near to my native.  But he went on speaking about sri lanka for more than 30 mintues. I was bit bored. I was trying to change topics in the middle 🙂 .. He went on for an hour.  But at the end only i came to know that he mistook me as a srilankan ( since my name ends with muthiah 😦 & my face is similar to a srilankan ..this is the explanation he gave me).. I clarified him that I am a pure Indian :)..and my forefathers were also Indians but they got settled in srilanka during british imperialistic days and they migrated to India in 1960’s before the ethnic war started. (Then he started to narrate about his visit to chennai.. athu separate story 😦  ). 

 I have another experience too.  But it is very bad when compared with the previous one.  An Indian friend  mistook me in this case and that too a tamilian.. He mistook me as a gujarati (they call it as gujju here). We were speaking in english during each of our conversation 😦  . We dont know the fact that the other one is a tamilian. Eventually we were laughing like something when we came to know that 🙂 🙂 🙂


2 Responses to “Mistaken Identity!”

  1. There is a good old joke by Cho (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cho_Ramaswamy) … It goes like this… “If you find two indians talking in English for a long time in any part of India, then it is almost true that they are tamils” 🙂

  2. 2 Annamalai

    hehehe…sai but my experience is different. I am a tamil fanatic . I wont give up my language at any instance 😉

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