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I’m so sick of emails some people send me saying that “Please forward this e mail if you have a heart” or “Please forward this message to everyone you know” or “Please help to save a life”. They claim they are so authentic (yeah, and I’m Superman in disguise). It might be something else like […]

Hover your mouse above these pics to know their names ( I dont think that its difficult to identify 🙂 )

Web 2.0 is the next age of websites.. Just like robots were to normal machines and super computers were for computers. Web 1.0 can be known as Web-as-information source. These websites cannot be altered and content in it could be modified and updated by the website owner only.  Web 2.0 is Web-as-interaction source. These websites […]



        I use to browse across youtube weekly once.  This week i found some amazing footages emphasizing patriotism and unity. I loved it a  lot, so i am posting it too.It can touch your soul too..have a look at it..                 .

Itz hard time that people recognize me in different ways.. I don’t remember correctly,  but it might be the first week of september. It was during an international christian federation (ICF) meeting, its like a small gathering where you can meet new people..esp. a lot of americans. I met an american, he is also a […]