Its awesome at Dallas!!!


I have reached Dallas a fortnight before…Now, i have settled down well in this place.. This is the first time i came in Business a student its great to travel with a hi-fi status 🙂 (PS: thanks to my brother again)..hmmm..then to say anything about Dallas..its hot & hot & hot during can’t tolerate 120* F levels… But you have air conditioners everywhere…you can’t feel the temperature outside..:)

Everyone has a car bikes, no auto rickshaws, not much one walks on the road except Indian and chinese students :(.. I use to commute by DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) bus or shuttle..I have registered for three courses for this semester: compiler construction, database design and distributed computing..My classes have started..Faculties are very nice.. My classes are just for one and half hours a day 🙂 ..Its pretty crazy..ha 🙂

Then regarding America, it is a costlier country to live in… 😦  atleast when compared with India..I bought 12 eggs for $2.65 and a gallon of milk (nearly 3.68 ltrs) for 3.5$.In addition to that, they do have 8.25% tax…pchh..I didn wish to convert it to Indian currency..If I do,I can’t live here for a single day…

But most of the people living here are so kind..the christian missionaries, my seniors, .. every one helps us in some way or the other:)..They do advise us a lot..they do take us to shopping centers, many gatherings and hell a lot of places..

hmmm.. I went for a movie “the happening” previous weekend with some of my American friends here…Its of my choice actually..:)..but the film didn look pretty good..M.N.shyamalan failed to impress in this film..:( ..

I have registered for a number of on-campus at the activity center as a personal trainer in chess club,other at bookstore, then at comet cafe and everywhere i go :) can earn 8$ an hour and 640$ a month, if you get an oncampus job..Its enough for a student to live-in here ..

hmmm..I am enjoying my life now only :)..In my point of view, if someone wishes or wants to enjoy their life, then its sure.. there is no better destination than america ..

But anyway, america is not better than India..:)..america hides its poor people from the eyes of the money is the unofficial language didn have freedom to throw off a single bit of  paper down,you can’t bargain anywhere, you can’t get spicy & tasty food stuffs, no frequent buses, taxi’s are costlier, you can’t dance while you are taking bath 🙂 (in a bath tub you can’t even try 😦 ) and a lot more..

So its for all the time…I wish to say…”I LOVE INDIA :)”


2 Responses to “Its awesome at Dallas!!!”

  1. Hi da,

    Great!!! Have a nice time there da. May God bless you with all that you need. All the best.

    And having been in Madurai, you should have got used to hot climate :). But 120 F is way to high.

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