My journey on the way to Texas :)


Today, a remarkable day in my history…i attended the visa interview in American consulate at chennai..My appointment time is 9.15 A.M…

To say it was really fortunate for me i finished the interview and all those stuff within two hours..i came out at 10.30 A.M itself
The interview lasted only for 45 seconds..

[At first, the interviewer received my documents and verified those stuff patiently…Actually that guy had rejected four persons who went before much stubborn..although it frightened me, i was confident with my stuff…]
me:good morning sir (with a smile )
vo:good morning (he smiled)
vo: first class or second class
me: first class with distinction
vo:you are going to sponsor yourself?
me: no father is the main sponsor..moreover i have got a sanction for educational loan
vo:whats your father?
me:he is a government employee..
vo:ok ..i am satisfied with your details .. get the passport and other documents tomorrow..
me:nice to hear from you..thank you sir..
vo:best of luck ( he smiled)
me:thanks again ( with fervent smile)

[i was in cloud nine then :)]

Since my academic records and financial stuff are good…i passed through that interview very easily…its a nice experience for me..But, i will say the main reason for their acceptance is that pleasant smile from me at that appropriate time.. The situation and the circumstance pressurized me a lot..somewhat it ruined my mental stamina…but i had a smile even then (to hide my fears and express my passion towards them) ..
Finally, i learnt that its better to have a pleasant smile always..

A smile worths nothing but it brings you everything…


2 Responses to “My journey on the way to Texas :)”

  1. all the best for you m.s. stay in touch.

  2. thanks da balaji…:)

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