It’s a memorable day!!!!


       I am at the end of my undergraduate studies!!! Today, its a farewell day for my batch (2004-08).. Really, i have never enjoyed a day like this in the past four years..Usually, its very dry out here at my college..A lot of restrictions and controls..etc…etc..I felt very happy about leaving this college but at the same time i also worried about leaving all those nice friends out here…We took photo’s today…we wore set shirts..At the end we nicely spoiled all those shirts by signing (each-other) on them..All my lovely friends signed on my shirt..(It’s A Lovely Remembrance :-))..At that time, so many people in my college watched us differently(as though we have landed from heaven) :-)..they might have thought it as a nasty piece of work..But we people only know its significance…

Later at night, my close friend Balaji Srinivas made us(all my class guys) out for a dinner at aarathy drive-inn…Really, we have to thank him for extending our happiness to excess..Thanks buddy!!!
One more good news i have…errr..I have also got an admit from university of Texas(Dallas) ..One of the favourite destination for Indian students in America..(Still results from 6 more colleges need to come)..Its my time now, to think on..and decide the best suited university for me…


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