Whats there in it


Nowadays i could hear some people in my college saying that, “Microsoft is totally useless. They have lots of errors on their outcomes. They are grabbing an extravagant amount of money for a worthless product. Open source is the only way to stamp out Microsoft”. Like this, there are many severe criticisms.

Yeah!i too accept that the concept open source is a boon to all of us, i am not at all against it. But nobody kicks a dead dog.. We have to think before condemning a concern.First of all, every beginner cannot easily start with SUSE Linux, Debian or any other open source OS.Still we computer science students have many stuck ups with the applications in them. They are not at all user friendly. Even most of us would have used Microsoft OS in our novice period or may be using it till now. Do we had paid any money for that? certainly its “NO”. We are committing the offense. But we call Microsoft is grabbing our interests.

I don’t know, it may be the best joke for this year! 🙂

You may ask me whether that people who had paid for that Microsoft’s product can criticize them or not?.. Surely they have the right.. But they will not do that..

First of all, the product will be definitely useful and it may fail to fulfill only some expectations(which these people exaggerate).

Secondly, they will not express disapproval even if the product is bad, the reason is simple and psychological, none will easily accept that they are fooled.

But Microsoft always adopts the first one.

I am not insisting any thoughts here.. Just conveying the actual thing!


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