My trip to Kodaikanal!!


Recently i went to kodaikanal with my family for ‘just’ three days!(missed my brother a lotttt)..i enjoyed the trip…since i was alone most of the time..i like to be alone…i wont enjoy a mass trip..since i cannot go in my way such circumstances,there will be huge pressure all around!

Two places.. Devil’s Kitchen and the Green valley attracted me a lot!

i got a mental relief there,being away from this hell…but it was so cool there..its just 18 degrees at day and 8 degrees at night ..Before some months,i went with my classmates there..but didn’t enjoy that much..thats all are some thing what i read from Dale Carniege’s will be useful for you!

A tip to forget your worries: concentrate on your work which you love and don’t give room to your worries.

your worries never happen:some facts say that 99% of your worries never take place..

i had tested it ..its true in my concern..

if you wanna test it..take a paper and write your worries on it…

then forget the thing about your worries and start to work on your subjects..

after some time lookup on that paper…it will be amazing,none of your worries would have happened…since the reason is your mind prepares itself to face the consequences…as a result it averts the worriable cause..

“I don’t laugh very much: coz laughter is the best medicine, but the people who need medicine are those who are SICK.” – annukar


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