Narco Analysis & polygraph testing


recently i heard about narco analysis & polygraph testing…which have been used for testing Moninder singh pandher and surender koli  in the latest nithari tragedy…


        polygraph testing which is colloquially known as lie detector test is used to record physiological variations in the blood pressure,heart beat & repiration..actually when we test the accused,it is easy jot down whether he is saying the fact or not, depending up on those variations

while coming to narco analysis,the accused is given sodium pentathol or sodium amytal(commonly we call it as anasthesia) in order to neutralise his mind…so that he couldn be able to screen his guilt if he had done some thing..but still most of the judiciary didn accept narco-analysis..since they consider that the statement given by a person in a semi-conscious state is not acceptable..since it may be wrong sometimes..

But even though they produce 90% perfection,they are not accepted as a strong evidence in Indian courts…but it also depends upon the judges and attorneys who warmly welcome or reject this idea!!!



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