Golden Jubilee Celebrations & What is My commune???


The Institution in which i am studying celebrated its 50th anniversary yesterday,29th jan 2007…Really i am happy with the contributions of Mr.Karumuthu Thiagarajan chettiar to students education…On the festivity they released a book on chettinad building art..there is also another special thing about chettinad..i am mentioning about the spicy, delicious and aromatic cuisines..if you have friends from this commune ..test it!!!..Even though i am forced to be a part of chettiar commune,i didn like this to differentiate myself from others …just i consider this Chettiar commune as similar to the one in the orkut kibbutz..i am just a member..As I am not interested in Religion and community,since every thing is against my concept of dis-thesis…Hindu religion alone consists of lots & lots of castes & communities…how come they differentiate these people?..who gave them the right to discern??


I always believe a thing only when it is proved..I neither support nor oppose a thing called God….as neither the science couldn prove the non-existence of the thing named  god nor the fanatics couldn prove the same thing’s existence!!!!

consider this paradigm,when a child being brought up without an awareness of the thing “god”..will you say him an atheist or theist??…i am in that commune…it will look cloudy for you at first…but think of….be stable …be safe…


consider the cases mentioned below:

  • if you were an atheist and if suppose the god exists:

            Result:you will be punished by god:-(

  • if you were a theist and if suppose god doesn exist:

            Result:you will be one of the ultimate fools on the earth:-)

but if you were a disthesist, you will be out of harm’s way…:-)…i am not preaching anything..just making you to think on this idea!!!


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